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Let's unlock together a whole new world of cooking with the endlessly versatile ingredient that is cannabis. 

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100 intriguing

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An introduction to cooking with cannabis

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A food
journey between continents


In this book, we want to take you on a journey between continents, showing off the beauty of food around the world, while incorporating different ways of cooking with cannabis.

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Meet our chef

André Schneider

Taking you on this journey is me, André Schneider, I have been a professional chef for the past 15 years, and my passion for creating innovative and delicate food has been combined with my interest in the cannabis plant. I have travelled the world not only to learn about local authentic food and culture, but also the accessibility of cannabis, how people treat it in different parts of the world, the stigmas around it, and how it affects both people and the whole country's economy.

But before I take you along on this journey, it's important that you understand the basics of cannabis, there are many different ways of treating this beautiful plant while cooking, and with this book I want to give you the basic knowledge so that you are prepared to cook with me. 


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